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I cannot contemplate life without music.  It's been such an important part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Here's a brief idea of my tastes, with a handful of photos, links to a few gig reviews I've written in fanzines in the past, and links to other websites for more artist info.

Most of my musical preferences are far from mainstream, and these days are concentrated especially on roots-based music from many continents, but especially Africa.

Each of the sections below will become links to pages of photographs, reviews and comment in due course.  For now only the first one is a link.

Free People's Festival

The Free Peoples Festivals were legendary all day concerts held at Wits University in Johannesburg during the 1970's.  We have Dave Marks to thank for them, and for so much else that was great about the music scene in those days.  (Have a look at the Third Ear Music website for loads of great memories.)

Here are some photo's from one of those festivals, in February 1974.

And by the way, if you remember the wonderful Mike Dickman as a singer/songwriter who used to perform at those festivals, I have some rather good news for you - there's the possibility of his two albums being rereleased on CD, and even of some new material being recorded this year.  I have to say, learning that made my day!

Johnny Clegg, Juluka and Savuka

Top of the list of favourites must come Johnny Clegg, the South African "white Zulu" and his past bands, Juluka and Savuka.  I have photos and memories to record here, but in the meantime, I'll offer a link to the official Johnny Clegg website, and recommend the Scatterlings mailing list.

Other photos, reviews, links and so forth to come will include the following and doubtless many more:


Leonard Cohen



Richard Thompson