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I spent many of my teenage years at Northcliff High School in Johannesburg, and made some fine friends there.

The old boys and girls (OK, the "Alumni Association") of the school recently published a magazine to commemorate the school's history from 1969 to 2001.  Below are three pages which I provide here purely because I've managed to re-establish contact with a few old school friends, and some of them might like the dash of nostalgia I enjoyed when I read these pages.  My special thanks to Matt Brenzel for actually sending me a copy of the magazine.

Click on the thumbnails to see the full size images, but you may want to open each one in an image editor in order to magnify it enough to read the text.  Be warned - these are quite large images.  I scanned and uploaded them quickly tonight (28 June 2002), and have not yet experimented with optimising them for size - I wanted to be sure they could be read easily.  If you're constrained by low bandwidth, try again in a week or two when I may have had the chance to optimise.

Northcliff High School 1969 1969.  The new school opens.  (333 kB)
Northcliff High School 1970-1971 1970-71.  Permanent buildings.  And yes, we really did have a Mr Frankenstein as our science teacher!  (286 kB)
Northcliff High School 1972-1973 1972-73.  The first group to matriculate.  (282 kB)

- Nick Shears.