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Here are some technical newsletters which I find really useful.  All  listed here are free of charge, don't support spam of any sort, and contain regular doses of reliable information.

Fred Langa's newsletter, The Langa List, appears twice a week, with articles and tips on PCs, Windows and the Internet.  In  the man's own words, "You'll see how to get lots more from your hardware, software, and time online."  This is the one I invariably read as soon as it arrives.

Woody's Office Watch is a weekly newsletter published by the inimitable Woody Leonhard.  As it says on the subscription page: "WOW (as we like to call it) is a FREE, weekly email bulletin for the Microsoft Office user, abuser, victim, pandit or pundit. If you use Office -- and you know enough not to swallow the Microsoft Party Line -- you need WOW." A lot of what I know about office I learned by using the programs - much of the rest I learned from WOW and from Woody's books!

Woody does actually produce a number of other free newsletters, but I believe that WOW is still the best of them.

The Naked PC describes itself as " What you need to know about all things PC".  That's sort of true, but since topics can range from firewall software to routers via new Excel features to how to avoid Spam, we must assume it's referring to personal computers rather than political correctness.

I'll add to this list regularly, including some websites as well as newsletters.  

This page was last updated on Tuesday, 03 February 2004 .